Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waverley Workshops

This weekend The Bower will be running a pair of workshops on behalf of Waverley Council.

Upscale your Upholstery will help 20 residents from the Waverley region get started on their own furniture resurrection projects. Folks have been sending through their curbside finds in the lead up to the big day and I have to say I am both excited and amazed at the variety of finds, not to mention the guts people have when picking a starter project.

It's promising to be an exciting weekend, I can't wait to post the results.

If you'd like to squeeze in a DIY upholstery workshop before christmas, email me with your availability and what you'd like to get out of the workshop - If we can get a group of 6 together then I'll find the time to run one more before the end of the year.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It's been awhile in the making - here at The Bower we're so committed to Reuse and Repair that we even reuse our staff in various positions - And so Phoenix mans the referral service but also does the coffee run, Greg drives the truck but also keeps an eye on tool maintenance, and Maaike is the General Manager but also the homegrown IT girl.
The old website gave you lots of info, but it didn't really tell you about just how cool our little strawbale co-op really is, so we're very pleased to have this version up and running.

You'll notice it's still a work in progress, with some content still marked 'coming soon' - please be patient with us! if you're a consignee with stock for sale in The Bowerhaus, please email us pic and a short paragraph about your work for inclusion on our contributors page.
Please feel free to pass on any comments, feedback, notify us of broken links etc!

In other news, it's been a busy 6 months for The Bower, with 3 new team members, an unprecedented number of members joining up and a number of new projects in the pipeline.

We're working on advertising on a shoestring - which means in-house construction with whatever we can get our hands on - donated fabrics, canvas and paint, old silk screens and salvaged building supplies.
The plan is to use this blog space to keep you up to date on working bees, member events, special projects and the like, but also as a bit of DIY inspiration for you all to get stuck into your own reuse projects.

Looking forward to seeing you in store soon,