Wednesday, June 29, 2011

July News (Early Bird catches the worms?!)

In a spectacular display of efficiency you ought not to get used to, please find below the JULY NEWSLETTER!

We struggled to make room for pictures we've so much to share - you can find more info scrolling through earlier blog posts below.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Reuse Textiles!

Some of us spent last Wednesday working with the furniture repair students in the TAFE Outeach course.

Last week they made their seats comfy, and this week was the fun part - reusing a city of Sydney Street Banner to cover no less than 5 dining chairs - with plenty to spare!

The group learned how to stretch and place fabric coverings on dining chairs in preparation for 2 larger projects they've already started pulling apart. The fun part is seeing the diverse styles of chair coming from one piece of fabric - An awesome result of reuse in action!

Next term we'll be looking at repairing and re-finishing the dining chairs that match these seat pads.

 But for now, just for fun, we're pulling apart 2 armchairs to see how they work. These 2, like the suite of dining chairs, will be a team project, and we're looking forward to seeing what they come up with!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Marrickville Men's Shed - Open Information day

We're proud to announce that the Bower is the new home of the Marrickville Men's Shed. We've been working with Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and Marrickville Council to come up with a way to fit Reuse & Repair into the seniors activity program here in Marrickville, and this is it!

Men's Sheds are a great way to learn new skills, improve your old ones, meet new people and contribute to your community through charitable projects (in this case reuse and repair  of items to keep them from landfill).

Tuesday the 19th of July, older men interested in the Marrickville Shed are invited to come along to an open info day. The morning will provide participants with opportunities to hear from other Shedees about their experience, the Australian men's Shed association and ask questions.

There will be a light lunch and some demonstrations as part of the day.

The Bower shed remains open to extended members outside of Tuesdays to ensure all our reuse friends can use our resources.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PLACE Course in Full Swing

Some time back The Bower made a decision to focus on reuse and repair education in the broader community, rather than simply indulging our passion in house.

We told you a little bit about our grand plans back in April Here, and now we've finally got photos and a spare minute to share more.

There have been a few hiccups in the provision of space for the program, so currently we have 8 or 9 students attending timber classes at Annandale TAFE, helping to build tables, benches and chairs for a local pre-school (photos later in the week).

The other half are at the Darlington Activity Centre (thanks Pine Street Gallery!) and we're in chair restoration heaven.

We've been pulling broken, weary bits and pieces off the floor here at The Bower for the team to learn from, and learn on. Our friends at Padgham Uphostery donated half our upholstery tools so we could learn with the real thing rather than making do.

Last week we covered structural upholstery;

 Webbing & springs
hessian overlay
and teasing flock

Tomorrow we're ready to cover our dining chair seat pads with reuse fabric - City of Sydney Street banners!

All the finished pieces from both teams are being stored up for an exhibition of reuse glory later in the year.