Monday, May 7, 2012

Blue Lights and Big Brothers

It feels like another blog post is well overdue, so here are some sneak peaks of current works (and occasionally don't-works).

 The blue lamp is a piece called 'Blue-light Disco'.  I never went to one, but I'm told blue light discos used to be put on by the police for the benefit of under-ages, on the misguided assumption that this would meet their need to have fun without having to sneak out and be naughty.  I feel like most of the society we now live in is a blue light disco.  Cameras everywhere, our movements tracked on the web.  We're constantly barraged with advertising telling us to be self-obsessed and have fun, but we're constantly under surveilence to make sure we're only having state-endorsed fun.  So for this piece, I've made a  mirror-ball head that rotates with the aid of an old microwave motor, so that it can keep an eye on everyone.  You feel safer now?  Me neither, so the other leg (which I forgot to get a photo of) is frozen in the act of escaping.

The illuminated mannequin abs are my gift to my beloved other half Hillary.  I figure if she's got these to look at then I won't have to work at getting abs of my own.  I'm still tinkering with it, but you can dimly see (maybe) that when the piece is illuminated a red heart emerges from within.  I started it on valentines day, and might have it finished in time for next valentines.


 Finally, the last piece is reference to contact juggling, in which the performer creates an illusion of stillness in a symmetrical object while moving their hands around it (think David Bowie and his round objects in the Labyrinth - no, the other round objects).  I've always loved juggling and circus, but I can't get into it myself because the sort of people who are into juggling also tend to be fun loving, sociable, happy, fit, spontaneous and full of life and laughter.  So you see the problem.  I haven't finished the wiring on 'Contact' yet, but when I do it'll light up on the top and bottom, which will be a first for me, and has turned out to be even more painful than I expected.

In other news, I've talked my way into the 'Hidden' show at Rookwood cemetery later this year, and the Swell sculpture festival in Queensland.  Busy times ahead.