Saturday, March 31, 2012


Here at The Bower, we receive some of the most wondrous and whacky donations you can ever imagine! There is certainly no accounting for taste and experiencing the diversity of what people love and vehemently can't stand is part of the fun of working here! 

Music is certainly no exception!  At times we receive entire CD collections (thank you MP3 era!) and the budding sociologists among us try to figure out what sort of amazing person has the entire Kylie Minogue back catalogue mixed with smatterings of Guns n' Roses and P Diddy! 

We've recently reviewed our current offering of CDs and have pulled out the Top 5!  We are surprised they're still in stock but perhaps they'll be snapped up once this newsletter is released to the masses! 

Number 5 - Just Whitney, Whitney Houston -  Goes without saying really! Vale! This CD even features a duet with the delightful Bobby Brown.  Thanks Bobby!

Number 4 - It's Fun Time, Bananas in Pyjamas - What childhood is complete without those bent brothers! You can even tickle B1 and B2 with Maggie's feathers in this interactive CD

Number 3 - Miss Kitty and The Hacker - We have no idea about this one but the name and the CD cover is just brilliant!

Number 2 - Scenes from Childhood, Music for children by Tchaikovsky - What modern teenager wouldn't love to kick back and listen to such uplifting classics as "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair" and "The Little Negro" Thanks Tchaikovsky!

Last but certainly not least...!

Number 1 - Batalla Famossa, The Great Emu War -  This is a recorder (YES, recorder!) consort of  of young musicians from Armidale, NSW formed in 1994.The sounds of these kids playing their recorders to Ukrainian, Korean and North-Western Chinese Folksongs is exquisite. A must have!  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March at the Bower

Hello friends, family and curious folk!
Did you spy us on Sydney Weekender with mike Whitney last Saturday? It was a great pleasure to work with a TV crew who were so switched on about the importance of reuse. 

If you've just found us, we hope you'll stop by and visit soon, or add us on facebook, where much of the great 'junk' donations are posted for our fans.

Apart from our TV flutter, we've been pleased to support The City of Sydney Council in their Pop Sydney Sussex lane event, Curb Collective are getting stuck into a new year and our Eco-Library has some great new additions - read on!