Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Bower Upcycle Challenge

We're full of secret plans and clever tricks here at The Bower, and we know you are too. We're putting out the call to handy, arty crafty farty types to show Sydney what you've got.

We're asking you to upcycle found, preloved, salvaged goods into new and exciting things of a totally different function. Show us the hidden potential in items and materials that seem like rubbish at first glance.

We want your washing machines turned into barbecues, your barbecues turned planting trollies and your kayak coffee table. We want something great made out of a toaster, a TV, a stack of CDs.

The winner will be determined by popular vote and will receive a $100 Bower store voucher and a 12 month subscription to Renew, G or Green Magazine.

Not 'handy'? Come on down during the exhibition period (30th April - 8th May), vote for your favourite and get inspired to try your hand at something new.

Download the entry form, terms and conditions

The low down  (terms & conditions);

Entries Must;
    1.    Feature goods & materials that have been reclaimed/reused/repurposed for a new function
We'll host a refurbishment challenge another time, but this challenge is all about finding the potential in pre-loved goods and materials.
Think turning bike wheels into a coffee table, or a fridge into a book case... visit our Reuse Gallery in the Eco-Library for more inspiration.

    2.    Be the unique work of the entrant
There are plenty of original ideas out there, and plenty of ways to spin an old one, this challenge is all about getting creative and inspiring other to see the potential in salvaged goods

    3.    Limit 1 entry per participant.

    4.    Staff are encouraged to display items but are not eligible to win prizes.

    1.    Item must be safe
    •    No broken glass, sharp edges, super pointy protrusions etc.
    •    No toxic or hazardous materials.

    2.    Electrical items must be tagged and tested by a qualified person to be displayed 'in action'.
    •    The Bower electrician may provide this service at a fee of $5/item no later than Wednesday 27th  April 2011.
    •    The Bower takes no responsibility for electrical goods found to be unsafe and these items will not be displayed 'in action'

    1.    The entry MUST fit inside a hypothetical box measuring 100cmx100cmx150cm high.

Or, if the item is too large/unmovable/precious,

    2.    Pictures, explanation and diagrams of the project must fit on one a2 board or the equivalent (2xA3 or 4X A4)
    •    Items need to be mounted on card or similar (check out Reverse Garbage for reuse options) for proper display.

    1.    All visitors to The Bower during the display period will be encouraged to vote.
    2.  Paper and pens for voting will be provided at the sales counter.
    2.    Votes will be added to the ballot box behind the counter by Bower Staff and tallied at the end of the display period.

Due Date
    1.    Entry Forms are due before midnight on Sunday the 25th of April to secure your position in the display (download the form at the bottom of this post or pick one up in store)

    2.    Actual item/presentation to be delivered 29th-30th April
    •    10am-5pm or Saturday 9-11am.

Reasons to get in on the action;
    1.    Sharing your reuse ideas is an awesome way to get others excited about reuse and repair

    2.    You might get famous - select items will be featured on The Bower website, blog and facebook and emailed (with your permission) to a number of local media sources.

    3.    You stand to win $100 Bower Voucher and a 12 month subscription to a magazine of your choice (choose from G magazine, Renew or Green)
    •    Entries will be displayed 30th April - 8th May in The Bower to delight and inspire our members and customers.

April News

Hi All!
This month we're asking you to get involved! Donate, upcycle, email, chat to us in store tell us about your sustainable achievements and goals.
Members, we're asking even more of you - we would love for you to take 5 minutes and answer 10 questions to help us serve you, the community and the environment better. So please click here to complete the member survey- we'll be your best friends...

Monday, March 7, 2011

March News

March, March, March...MARCH!

Oh what big plans we embrace. This month, we're asking you to get involved;

* Add us on facebook and tell us what you love about The Bower.
* Tell someone else what you love about the Bower.
* Sign up to tell everyone about your passion as part of Bowerography - want to know more?