Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Unsafe Gilt - AiR update

Hi again everyone.  

Here are two of new pieces that have congealed in the past couple of weeks.


This one I call 'The Unsafe Shoelace".  This character's eyes light up but I couldn't photograph it as they're quite bright.  This is my reminder to everyone to always pay attention to electrical safety.  It's made of old brass lamp fittings haphazardly screwed together.

The second piece is a kind of confession.  Yes, I eat meat.  Yes I feel guilty about it.  But I eat it anyway.  Meanwhile a surface that has been carefully covered with a thin layer of gold is said to be 'gilt'.  So it seemed to make perfect sense to put a gold-painted goat skull on a slightly horrendous pseudo-rococo lamp stand to make this guilt lamp.   

You see?  Perfect sense.

That's all for now,


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